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Latest Updates

Next township board meeting is Wednesday, February 15th starting at 4 pm at Fisherman’s Bay on Hwy 65

On Saturday, October 22, at 10 AM Lakeview Cemetery had an unveiling of the Veterans’ Monument.  Veterans From Posts in Palisade and McGregor took part in the program and unveiling.  We were privileged to have Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Larry Herke as our keynote speaker.  District 6 VFW Commander Ryan Johnson  gave an inspiring speech as did District Legion Commander Karen O’Bar.  The combined area VFW and Legion Posts gave an excellence performance.  Local musical talented Mike and Jan Cherry played beautiful patriotic music including an original written by Mike.  Included in the large attendance was Aitkin County Veteran Service Penny Harms.  All of the funds for the memorial were raised locally.  We thank everyone for their patriotism and generosity.  

Tamarack Water Alliance is a group of landowners in the area and across Minnesota who have voiced their serious concerns about the proposed Nickel-Sulfide Talon Metals Mine in Tamarack. Our concerns are based on careful assessment of Talon’s PEA, a published legal document they are required to file with the Toronto Stock Exchange, published on their website Everyone who enjoys the rural leisure and water recreation in Aitkin County should be aware of what Talon proposes to do. Don’t listen to their marketing hype which is biased to “sell” the mine. Sulfide mining is very different than iron mining. When sulfur contacts air and water it makes sulfuric acid, which is a slow leaching toxic chemical, dangerous to all life. It may take many years to occur, yet once it migrates into the groundwater it is there for hundreds maybe thousands of years. There is no way to remove it. Anytime a sulfide mine has been built in a water rich area, the water has been contaminated. Talon plans to build an underground mine without filters on the vent stacks, so high sulfide particles will blow across the environment. Talon also plans to leave an above ground high sulfide tailings pile (CFTF) 75 acres wide by 82 ft. tall. Wind borne dust from the tailings pile will also be dispersed across the landscape. After mining operations cease in 12 years, Talon plans to simply cover and not remove this toxic pile. It is only a matter of time until the cover deteriorates and Tamarack becomes a toxic waste site that will require our tax dollars to be maintained forever. Finally, Talon also plans to pump 2.6 million gallons of water from our aquifers and has no solid plans to treat this toxic water, nor a plan for where this untreated water will go. This is an irresponsible plan. It is like borrowing your neighbor’s tool and returning it broken and dirty. Workman Township does not take sides on this issue. If Talon Metals wishes to speak to the township board they will also be given the opportunity.

Lakeview Cemetery Veteran Monument is at the granite company for inscription. Exact date of completion is uncertain but we will keep you informed. Thank you to all who donated to this beautiful monument. Our Lakeview Cemetery looks very attractive, it is freshly mowed and both the township and relatives of the deceased have added colorful flower arrangements.

Cemetery Records: Progress is being made on placing all cemetery records on our website and should be complete by early 2023. This update will show those buried at Lakeview Cemetery, lots and plots sold, and lots and plots available for sale. The records will also at some later date the date of death for each person interned. This will be completed over an extended period.

Grant received. Application for a $12,000 FEMA Grant to correct the problems with the Mississippi flooding at the culvert by Wold farm on Grouse Street was applied for and received. The road should be corrected by August 1st.

Workman Township has mail-in balloting for November elections. However, if a township citizen wishes to vote in person they may go to the auditor’s office at the county courthouse during normal business hours. The general election ballots will be mailed after completion of the primary ballot voting.

The Voyager of McGregor is the official newspaper of Workman Township for posting all legally required notices.

BROADBAND Efforts are continuing to obtain more funding to provide broadband service to our township. At this point it is estimated that we have 60% broadband coverage or pending coverage. The remaining approximately 40% is going to be difficult and costly because of the distance between properties needing coverage.

Workman Township/Lakeview Cemetery Updates Last year work was completed to transfer the manual records to computer. Our next step was transferring the computer records to our website. During the next several weeks we should have this completed. Our website will show lots and plots available, lots and plots sold, and the locations of all interned individuals. This project entailed a lot of detail and steps but should be a vast upgrade from the hard copy records.

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) for Townships. This program was designed by the federal government with oversight by the state government to give assistance to townships because of the pandemic. We have received two payments, one for $10,899.16 and one for $356.92. We will also be receiving these amounts next year. There are requirements on the use of the funds and reporting forms that must be completed but nothing as difficult at the Covid -19 program of last year.

Taxable Market & Net Tax Capacity 2021/2022 Kirk Peysar, Aitkin County Auditor sent us the following: Workman Township’s total taxable market valuation is $68,337,615, the net tax capacity is $681,824. The total taxable market valuation increased nearly $4,000,000 over the previous year. The net tax capacity increase over last year is nearly $40,000. For the year the township will use only 14% of our net tax capacity.

Recently the township received a phone call from a gentleman having the last name of Workman. He was attempting to get information about his family surname and the process of our township being named Workman. Some of our oldest records have been reviewed, but no information was found. If anyone has information concerning how our township was named and information on the individual we would appreciate receiving the information.

New Homes: This winter there are several new homes being built in our township. We welcome the growth. Over the last year at least four new homes have been built in our township. These are very attractive and add much to our community. We welcome these families to our township

Workman Township Culvert Inventory: Aitkin County Soil and Water Conservation District has prepared a book showing site, size, and culvert condition for Workman Township. Workman Township was the first one in the county to be selected for the survey. Our township has 270 culverts which includes culverts on county roads. Plans are to conduct the survey in all townships and from the information gathered develop a master plan for water flowage in the county. Thank you to Steve Hughes, head of the ACSWD and Sam Seybold, Buffer Specialist for this important work. This is something that the township would not have available funding to complete.


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