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April Monthly Meeting Notes

Fisherman’s Bay 4 pm, April 26

The April meeting of Workman Township was called to order by Chairman Berg at 4 pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States.  All board members were present.  No citizens or visitors were present. Motion to accept the Agenda was made by Supervisor Paris with a second by Supervisor Jaworski.

Clerk Essen  read the minutes of the March meeting which was approved by Jaworski with second by Paris.  The Minutes will stand as read.  Treasurer Berg gave the report on   township finances The clerk records and the treasurer records balance.  Motion to approve by Paris with second by Jaworski.  The treasurer report will stand as presented. Jaworski gave an update on storage for the snowplow and the townhall building.  Paris gave the cemetery report and indicated that Lakeview Cemetery is starting spring cleanup.  Some black dirt will be needed.  Plants will be ordered in May. In preparation for Memorial Day on Monday, May 29th meetings have been held with the Palisade VFW and McGregor American Legion.  Jon Atkinson will again do the mowing for the cemetery and townhall.  Signs will be ordered for the cemetery.  Berg reported that the roads are in basically good shape.  Frostboils forming on Grouse Street and likely flooding at the culvert by Wold farm. Grader will be out on April 29th.  Spring road inspection will be sometime in May. 

Clerk Essen read the claims to be made, and after review and discussion motion made by Jaworski to pay with second by Paris.

Our website is now up and running and more information on events will soon be done.  SCI has informed the township that they will have the entire township covered by broadband cable by the end of June. Plans are to attend the MAT meeting at Big Sandy Lodge.

Next meeting is set for May 17th at the townhall at 4 pm.

All necessary paperwork and check signed and meeting was adjourned at 4:51 with a motion by Jaworski and second by Paris.

Respectfully submitted, Wanda Essen Township Clerk


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