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Monthly Meetings – 2024

All scheduled meetings start at 4 pm on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Special meetings will be posted as necessary. All  scheduled meetings for April, May, June, July, August, September, October are held at the township hall, 24301 480th Street McGregor, Minnesota 55760-6010 (County Road 3). Meetings for November, December January, February, March are held at Fisherman’s Bay, 50933 MN Hwy 65, McGregor, MN 55760 Meeting information is posted on the bulleting board at the town hall, Sather’s Store, and Fisherman’s Bay.

2024 Monthly Meeting Schedule

June 26, 4pm Town Hall

July 17, 4 pm Town Hall

August  21, 4 pm Town Hall

September 18, 4 pm Town Hall

October 16, 4 pm Town Hall

November 20, 4 pm Fisherman’s Bay

December 18, 4 pm Fisherman’s Bay

Annual Operating Budget

2024 Workman Township Operating Budget, as approved at our Annual Meeting.

The Workman Township Annual Operating Budget manages funds that are broken down into four categories:  General Fund, Road & Bridge, Fire, and Cemetery. The levy for future years is discussed and voted on at the annual meeting held the 2nd Tuesday in March. Workman Township does not have a Capital Budget.

Below are the amounts for each category for 2024:

$39,000 General Fund
$44,000 Road & Bridge Fund
$17,000 Fire Fund
$8,000 Cemetery Fund
$108,000 TOTAL

Taxable Market Value and Net Tax Capacity
As provided by Kirk Peysar, Aitkin County Auditor.

For the assessment year 2023 / tax year payable 2024
– Total taxable market valuation is $103,924,807. 
– The township’s net tax capacity is $1,039,462.

For the assessment year 2022/tax year payable 2023
– Total taxable market valuation was $89,361,763.
– The township’s net tax capacity was $890,889.

For the assessment year 2021/tax year payable 2022
– Total taxable market valuation was $68,337,615
– The township’s net tax capacity was $681,824.

Workman Township Board

Front Row: Betty Berg, Wanda Essen. Back Row: Mike Jaworski, Jim Berg, Doug Paris.

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